Where Communication Leads to Community

Welcome to Go Community App!

Welcome to Go Community App, the only App created just for your community. Would you like to be aware of what is going on in and around your neighborhood? The Go Community App is the best way to stay informed, all from your mobile device.

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Our Mission at Go Community App, is to put “neighbor” back in neighborhood and allow neighbors to connect to each other and build strong relationships.






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Where Communication
Leads to Community

Welcome to Go Community App, the only App     created just for your community.

Would you like to be aware of what is going on in and around your neighborhood?  The Go Community App is the best way to stay informed, all from your mobile device.  Whether it is receiving push-notifications about an upcoming block party or community event, finding a last minute babysitter, hearing about suspicious activity on your street, or learning about a great deal at a local restaurant for a Friday night dinner, the Go Community App keeps everyone in the know   INSTANTLY!  This App is designed specifically for your community and your community only.  We believe that       communication leads to community! When you partner with Go Community App, we work to understand what is important to your neighborhood.  Our           talented designers and programmers create a private app branded specifically with your community or neighborhood name and logo.  Your app will be available for both iPhone and Android platforms and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play for Android devices.  A neighborhood app created by the team at Go Community App is the easiest way to engage your residents at the touch of a button. Our statistics show that an app that makes the most impact on their audience are not those that are focused on broad     audiences but those that are concentrated on a local community. Our apps are created for a very specific audience that is seeking very specific information.  You can instantly know information about your community at the touch of a fingertip.  Let us help your community take a closer look on how we can build a neighborhood app for you.
Not sure if there is a community event this weekend? Check Go    Community App. Think you see someone suspicious in your      neighborhood? Send a notification on Go Community App. Need a referral for a contractor? Check out who your neighbors recommended on Go Community App.

What makes us different?

For starters, your neighborhood app created by the Go Community App Team is a very specific app designed for your community.  Many app makers simply want a lot  of people to download their app and the more downloads they have the more successful the app is in the developers eyes.  Our model for your customized apps is exactly the opposite.  We       believe that if all of the components that comprise a community or neighborhood app has an easy-to-use platform on a mobile device, then important information can be transmitted quickly and easily to build stronger communities and stronger relationships.  Our research shows that the more specific we are with our audience, the more we can focus on   insuring that the content is suitable to each individual audience member’s need. Go Community App is very specific. It is an app that is created for your specific community. The main reason behind us creating Go Community App is to encourage social communication and share local information. Keeping your content updated ensures that your community app is used frequently and thus earns you more safety, loyalty and reliability. Now it’s easier then ever to stay connected to your community.  Go Community App allows all your neighbors to         communicate and be in the know about activity in your community.

Ready to get started?

It’s really simple.  Have your community representative or authorized HOA board member complete our on-line           application and we will immediately start processing your information to start developing an app for your community. Our development team has fine-tuned the process and can typically have your app completed within 30 days.

neighborhood watch
Send out a push notification if you see someone suspicious.


Go Community App designs your app and will make it available for both Apple and Google Android devices.  It will be available for download in the Apple App Store and on Google Play for Android devices.  You will have the ability to choose from several features for your community or neighborhood.  Please see some of our features below to see what is important to your community. Calendar – Have a centralized calendar that keeps your neighborhood aware of your community’s events and activities. Get up-to-date notifications on upcoming events or last minute changes. Newsletter – Have your monthly newsletter at the touch of a button.  Have an ongoing archive of all of your               neighborhoods newsletters without storing paper. Covenants – Your neighborhood covenants will be easy to find, since it’s right on your app.  No more trying to find your paperwork on rules and regulations. HOA – Contact your HOA members instantly. Security  – If you have a security concern this is the best way to enforce a neighborhood watch program. You can use technology to notify your neighbors about a suspicious activity, illegal behavior or theft prevention. Property Management Company –  Make sure your property management company is alert and staying current with your neighborhoods matters.
Let your new neighbors feel welcome the minute they arrive to their new home.
For Sale – Have an item to sell? Upload it to your Go Community App for everyone to see. Tennis – It’s never been easier to reserve a court in your neighborhood. Pool – Wondering if there is a swimming pool event at your pool? What is our pool code again? Recommend – Recommend a contractor or business to your neighbors on the app. Notifications – Push notifications can be sent out when everyone needs to be alerted about something.
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Connect with neighbors and keep your community safe, fun and a           desirable place to live.

Easily connect with your community to:

  • Learn about someone suspicious in the area.
  • Sell an item.
  • Recommend a contractor.
  • Hear about a break-in.
  • Get the word out about upcoming local events.
  • Find a babysitter.
  • Notify your neighbors about selling your house.
  • Reserve a tennis court.
  • Vote on HOA members.
go digital
Quit wasting paper for your monthly newsletters and covenants. In Go Community App, all your neighborhood          information is in one place and easily accessible.

Share with your community:

  • Give recommendations for local businesses.
  • Share local events.
  • Sell items.
Go Community App is practical. It’s easy to use and connect with your neighbors instantly
  • Warn others of possible crime.
  • Communicate about inclement weather.
  • Volunteer opportunities
group house
Go Community App is a free app for your community that makes it easier to connect to your neighbors. Get a conversation started…
  • Yard sales in the neighborhood.
  • Fundraisers to get involved in.
  • Alert neighbors to possible traffic delays.
group circle
Imagine a community where everyone is looking out for each other. Stay connected to your community with Go Community App.

Our Mission at Go Community App, is to put         “neighbor” back in neighborhood and allow                      neighbors to connect to each other and build strong  relationships.